Why doesn't he text me anymore?

Basically, one of my really good guy friends has suddenly stopped replying to my texts. I am not sure if it's because I am annoying him or that he has no interest in talking to me anymore. He use to text me all the time, talking about his problems and other issues. But over the past couple days, our text conversations have been so blunt and short.

I haven't changed the way I text him at all, but rather he has. The only reason this bothers me is because whenever he would text me (non-stop), I would be there to make sure I replied to him and to help him out of his constant problems with ex-girlfriends. My relationship with this guy is a little complicated. I do care for him a lot and since texting is the one way I can ensure that he's making an effort in trying to talk to me (since we don't see a lot of each other because of our different schedules), him not replying anymore is worrying me.

Should I just stop texting him for a couple days? Is he annoyed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • The phone should be used for setting dates, not being a gay male girlfriend. If he isn't doing that, he isn't that into you. Sorry hun.

    • At least you're nice about it, haha. DAMN MY F***ING LUCK.

      Anyways, THANK YA!

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