Thinking about starting dating again, but where do I start?

Long story short: my wife of over 8 years left me some time ago. I've worked through a lot of my issues with that, and think I'm about ready to start dating again. My big problem is that I have no idea where to start. I was never a prolific dater, and every blind date I've been on I've hated. That said, I'm not exactly interested in having my friends introduce me to any of their single friends with the express intent that we see if we're interested in each other (not that I'd mind meeting them, I just don't want that looming purpose hanging over the situation). I'm hesitant about the prospect of online dating sites, and I'm not really the type of person to troll around bars hoping to meet somebody.

What I'm hoping to find out is, given the above constraints, where is a good place or what is a good way to meet some new people after you've been out of the scene for so long? Where/how would a woman in her mid-20s through mid-30s hope to meet someone?


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  • I met a guy through work (not in my workplace but through a contracted position) and I've met several guys through sports or hobbies I enjoy. Really, the best luck seems to be in activities where you can passively learn about another person in a friendly setting (like the stuff I mentioned) and you can slowly escalate from there. Find out what your main interests/passions are and seek out groups where you can mingle and indulge in those things with them. If you're religious, a lot of churches have singles groups. If you're not, there are always ways to meet people at mixers in clubs or at dinner parties through friends.

    I wish you luck! :)


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