Why does he randomly text me like this?

I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks. Lately, I have felt like he's been trying to pull away or maybe is busy dating or seeing other girls. I haven't bothered to ask but I have come to terms that its okay even if he is. I haven't been trying to pay him any mind but he will randomly send me messages like asking how my weekend was and after a few texts he stops texting , then the next day he will send another random text saying he hopes things are going well on my end and how he's having a hard week. How does he want me to respond to this?

Is he just pity texting? because I really have a feeling he is not interested anymore so why does he send messages? More importantly, should I just ignore his messages or try to make conversation?

I like him but the feeling of him just messaging me out of pity is a turn off and I'd rather not hang around someone who doesn't seem interested.


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  • Maybe he is trying to keep you on the back burner. He'll text you once in a while to see if you respond or are still interested in case he wants to come back to you.

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