My boyfriend can't stop thinking about my previous sexual boyfriends

I'm a 25 year old female, going to have a relationship with a 23 year old guy. We've been knowing each other for 8 months now. We have never met in real life, but only talking through msn. He is coming to stay with me in the end of this month. We can talk everything and have no secret to each other. One day I talked to him about my past sexual experiences and it is really bothering him because he is virgin still.

When we first met I was dating someone else and we were just kind of friends. So we were friends for a few months before started like each other. While we were friends I showed him the photos of the 3 guys I had been with. He also told me the true that he was a virgin and he felt embarrassed saying 0 against me! When I told him how many people I'd been with it really didn't bother him, it was just something I'd done before I met him. Plus we were just friends at the time, so it truly didn't get to him that much.

Now seven months later, he booked the ticket to spend a good time with me. He said when he was thinking abt sex, he feel grilling me about it a few times, he’s really starting to get a bug under his skin. He feels like there’s an infected blood over the cake and he doesn't want to eat it and it's hard to think about anything else. He is trying to bent out of shape over this thing, and trying to look past it, but he is just having a hard time doing so..

I really need some good advice.

Thanks in advance


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  • Well if he really likes you and wants to be with you then he'll just put your past in the past and just focus on the present time now. Why feel bad or let something get under your skin that's already happened, what's done is done and neither of yall can change that. Him being a virgin doesn't change the fact that yall both still like each other and want to be together. Just because he's not yet physically experienced and you are and you don't have a problem with that or mind it, then he shouldn't either. Just explain to him that you don't care about your previous sexual boyfriends and that your just happy to have him now as your recent sexual boyfriend and can't wait to experience that with him...Heck! You could even spice things up and make it feel a little more comfortable for him by role playing, tell him you'll be the teacher and he has to do everything on your quiz you ask him to do, let him know he may spice it up in his own way and style if he'd like for extra bonus points ...Take turns playing and getting used to each others bodies then I think everything will be all good. OH! Just to help you out a little and get you bonus points try telling him when he does something that he does it better then anyone has, feels great, or just throw little comments out like WOW!, I love that, OH YEAH!, show me more..Well hope I could help.



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  • "infected blood over the cake"?

    You crack me up.


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  • men reali feel underminded when it comes to girlfriends and dere sexual past its not that they feel worse of you its that they think if they have sex with you .. you ll only tink dere sh*t in bed or laugh at them .. trust me my current boyfriend and me have this problem as him being d virgin and me the experienced one so jst relax towards him adnd if anythin do not! mention exs or things relating to sexual past infront of him it will only hurt him