Why does he act so distant after? :(

i know he likes me a lot and I like him too. every time we hang out though (especially if we've been fooling around), he gets very distant and we don't text for a couple/few days. When I just break and finally text him, he is not so enthusiastic to talk. After a few days, I guess FINALLY he misses me and can't stop texting and trying to talk to me ?! like wtf.

We saw each other last night, made plans for Saturday, and HE even told me (before I left the car), that "he will get in touch with me soon'. Like Okay?

Maybe he wants space and freedom after a girl date? maybe he needs to collect himselfff?1 I'm confused guysss :)

It's impossible he's using me (we go very slow). We've been dating since around May.

I am beginning to think that I want a guy more eager to be with me and talk to me. Maybe he doesn't like me so much, but his actions show differently when we're together. Plus, he;s going slow with me cause he knows I'm inexperienced and a dumb virgin..Lol.

so help me pleaseeee Should I just move on because I want someone more anxious to spend time with me? ...Someone who wants less space ?


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  • sounds pretty clear to me that he just isn't all that into the relationship. he could be shopping around, he could just not be very good about commitment, he could simply not want a commited relationship.

    it seems to me that no guy who REALLY likes a girl and would want to be with them would perpetuate this behavior for going on 5months.

    I think if you want something different you should clearly communicate that wtih him. find out what he wants OR just move on but it seems evident that this isn't a guy who is going to commit or really give you what you want

    • should I step back a bit and see what he does?

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    • True but don't relationships always go downhill one you've "labelled" yourself? Isn't it better to just leave it and go with the flow. I know he is not seeing other girls, and I am not either. No matter what though, I don't think Ill ever ask I would just feel weird lol! I dunnnnno :)

    • i mean some relationships may go downhill but if you never label them or take any forward steps they don't go anywhere. and certainly not all relationships go downhill... I always figure it's better to find out where I stand and either be disappointed and move on or happy and stay put rather than go on in limbo

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  • It sounds like that's his personality type. You sound like me, I love a girl who's eager to see me, and WANTS to see me, and shows it.

    If you two have been seeing one another that long, and he's still not overly eager to see you it sounds like it won't change. Things are still shiny and new, you should definitely be his top priority right now.

    If you like him, I'd try to talking to him about it. Communication is really important, if it doesn't change...well, then you should possibly consider your options and look for that guy who's going to give you the attention you need.

    • Yeah I want someone affectionate even if we are apart! :( should I step back a bit and see what he does?

    • Yeah, it never hurts to lay off and see if he actually makes an effort to get in touch with YOU. Sometimes it's nice to know you're being missed, or that your partner is thinking about you.

  • It's been proven that the most attractive thing about men to women is when they are unsure of where they stand with a guy. Sounds like he knows what he is doing and is letting you text him so he can set up the next date.

    • Thats what I was thinking too :) Like, he's really good at his game. But, at the same time I am pretty good too, because to be honest he is the one deepening his feelings for me while I am at a standstill and could easily detach myself if I feel the need to. He's playing a good game but he may be making a mistake and simply pulling me farther away from him. I am very sure that the feelings he has for me are more than I have for him, I couldbewrong.thismay work for a difff girl.

    • I'd stick with him. Most men act needy and pursue a woman right out of liking them. It's a smart move and attraction works better that way. He isn't playing games, he is likely working on his purpose.

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