Why doesn't she respond to my texts?

So I met this girl at freshman orientation(college), and everything's been going pretty well. We walk to all our classes together(2 a day) and we flirt a bit both verbally and physically like she'll always point something out with her hands so I'll play with them a bit and I sometimes run my fingers through her hair and she's super comfortable with it etc., like she's introverted but she's a cheerleader so it's a bit confusing to read her, but I do know she's really quiet around people in most public scenarios. We used to text everyday, not excessively but enough, but lately she hasn't been responding to any of my texts, so today I went to class without her, and she went out of her way to find me even though she has a lot of close friends in that class, sat next to me and acted like everything was normal. She then asked me what bio class we were going to later... she seems to be acting herself in person, but I'm still a little confused, thoughts? by the way I usually hang out with a lot of girls, and she usually seems displeased when she sees me then, so she'll usually just start talking to some guy and start flirting with him as if she's jealous perhaps?


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  • Shit or get off the pot. Meaning ask her out for a real date or be comfortBle beng friends because that's all you are.


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