More than friends, not even casually dating and not hooking up... What are we?

So this guy and I have been having this 'thing' for the past month. We go to different colleges but we share the same social circle. We kiss, make out, cuddle, hold hands in public, but have never had sex. I've stayed over his place several times and we have breakfast together sometimes. We hang out 5x a week on average but that's in a group most of the time (although we pretty much only talk to each other) but we have gone out alone a couple of times to social events, gatherings, parties, bars, etc. only because people bail on us as it ends up being just the two of us. We've just never gone on an actual date (e.g. dinner, movie, etc) before. Although we do grab food together sometimes after going to the club or bar.

We text regularly and have deep conversations about family, education and stuff. Plus we engage in PDA in public and in front of our friends. I also know for a fact that he's not seeing or dating other girls, yet someone asked us if we were together and he said no. Obviously I knew that we weren't and his answer didn't surprise me, but that got me thinking... What the hell are we? Is it still considered friends with benefits if we don't have sex, genuinely like each other and know pretty much everything there is to know about each other?

I know it won't work out between us in the long run cause he'll be moving to another country for good early next year, but the fact that we're not even casually dating makes me question just how much he likes me. I feel insecure cause I really like him (obviously I don't love him)... Do you think he feels the same way?


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  • Well maybe you should just ask him about you two, figure it out that way. Otherwise you can always ask him to be your boyfriend instead - get it out of your head that guys need to be the ones making the first move! ... If he kisses you, holds your hands, etc ... he likes you and there's no reason to doubt it.

    It isn't FWB if you aren't having sex ... maybe he's just the slow moving type (1 month for some people is not a lot of time).

    • Yeah, I'm not necessarily waiting for him to make our relationship official or anything but will he ever ask me out on a date? We already do couple-y things and we already hang out so much as is, plus we know each other so well already

    • He won't ask you I don't think ... maybe later on but you can never be sure.


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