Do the positives outweigh the negatives, or is it the other way around?

I really like this guy, but I want to be sure that he is still interested in me as well.


1. We've been out twice in less than 2 weeks

2. Last time he walked me to my car, gave me a long, slow kiss goodbye and then followed it with a couple shorter ones--after I left he text me to say I was a good kisser

3. He said yes to seeing each other again later this week

4. He told me to let him know how my "girls night" went the following day

5. He met up with me this last time despite having a bad day at work


1. He doesn't text me during the week

2. He doesn't always respond my texts if it's not a question (I stopped texting him after he didn't respond to 2 of my texts)

3. Two of the times, I was the one to ask him out.

I keep hearing that if he doesn't contact me, he's just not interested...but would he act like that on a date if he weren't interested?

And I don't mean outweigh in number, I mean do the positive outweigh the negatives in significance?


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  • The negatives might seem like Negatives to you, but as an outsider looking in..they are nothing. Negatives would be, breaking a date, telling you all about his problems, or how bad his ex's were...etc etc.

    In the dating world...texting is a JOKE. Should be used as a tool in rare cases, not as a tool in chatting, flirting, and getting to know a love interest.

    So, you've been out just twice? You asked him out twice? So, the 2 dates you've been on, you initiated them? Or, did he turn down a date?

    • Thanks! Yes, I did initiate the 2 dates, but he always said yes. The closest he came to breaking a date was last time when he got off work late, he apologized and said he's still going to be 45 minutes and asked if I still wanted to meet, or if we should do it another time. I told him I had no problem waiting and to take his time. This was the second date when he kissed me at the end.

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    • We already made plans to go to a home game this Saturday. We bought ticket last week. I imagine I don't have to worry about seeing him again. Unless he breaks the date, which I don't think will happen. But I will probably have to text him to iron out the details of meeting up because we don't live that close.

    • He's the guy, he needs to man up, and contact you about the plans! Don't contact him.Let him mess up on his own. This is how you learn about a person.

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  • i think your overreacting.. the postivies look to outweight by what your showing here for sure


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  • He is interested in you enough to make sure your girls night out didn't go too well (aka find another guy) and he likes that you ask him out (arrange plans for him) and while texting is a joke, dude can pick up a phone and call you for a few minutes to see what's going on with your day.

    A lot of guys won't text back and forth unless a question is involved. It gives them something concrete to respond to.

    Give him some space and see if he initiates things. If he expects you to, he's just looking for the path of least resistance and he's not interested enough , in my opinion. ;)

    • Thanks.

      We are going to the game this weekend, so I know I will see him then (we already have tickets). I was just thinking of saying I planned this one "next time it's your turn now" in a playful way and see what happens. Or just say I'd like to talk on the phone during the week. He just moved here a month ago, so I know he doesn't know a lot of things to do yet.