Why do people date and enter into relationships?

Why do people date and enter into relationships? People start dating as early as 15 . Why do people feel the need to date or be in relationship or marry? Is it for social status , for sexual pleasure ,or for companionship? If its for companionship then I don't think you need to date/be in relationship/marry someone from opposite gender, you can have good friends of same gender that can be great companions and well wishers.

Why date/marry and waste time, energy and precious life in it?


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  • Because society kind of raises you to believe that you should. Get an eductation, get a job, get married and have kids.

    I've been married and divorced. I was sure I didn't want to be married again. I don't know if I do. I do want to live with someone again though. It was comfortable/comforting knowing that someone was at home waiting for me. Having a meal together while watching tv. Even if he was in the other room I felt... comfortable. I can't describe it.

    • But isn't it more comforting and liberating to be single and rule your own little world,just the way you want to? As for companionship , you have friends, so many gadgets,tv, radio etc...and you can always self please your sexual feelings.

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    • Whats this trend of friends with benefits? Isn't it as stressful as relationships? And is it better than self pleasing?

      Ur comment reflects that relationships are needed for social status .

    • I guess social status a little bit. Mostly it's because I'm lonely and you can only count on friends for awhile. I met my FWB we were both getting out of long term relationships. Neither one of us wanted a serious relationship ever again. We don't sleep together anymore but we still talk and text everyday. He's a great guy but I want a relationship now. Sometimes it was stressful but usually because our friends/family didn't understand what we were. Sex is better than masturbating.

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  • Everybody has their own reasons. For me, and I think most other people too, a good relationship can bring you more joy than anything else in the world. Nothing can compare to the intimacy I share with my boyfriend :)


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  • I have learned that life doesn't make sense, and there is no reason to live actually, the only thing that makes sense is living for the family structure, ie. husband, wife, and children, the relationship between the husband and wife must work that is what keep things together.

    Dating is fun, if a relationship meets your demands you can be happy, etc.