Ladies - would you date/marry this type of guy?

Ok, here is the scenario. Suppose there is a guy who is from a backward third world country. His country doesn't have a very good reputation around the world, and most people of developed countries stereotype ALL people of this guy's country as 'undesirable' due to various reasons. But this man is different. Although he is from a third world country, he is quite intelligent, practical and usually thinks the same way as people of developed countries. He also follows a lifestyle which combines the best things about his own culture as well as the western culture. Most importantly, he respects women a lot, and doesn't see them as 'sexual objects'. He also looks above average, and maintains good hygiene (although the people of his country are generally regarded as ugly and smelly).

So ladies, would you be interested in dating or marrying this guy, or would you never give him a chance just because of the general opinion associated with his country and their people? And guys, do you think such a guy would be accepted by women in developed countries?

For people referring to a particular country, please don't. My description fits a lot of countries, and I'm definitely not talking about any particular country.


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  • Apart from that if his funny, loyal and has a great sense of humour sure I would. I myself come from an area where the upper class thinks my class is nothing but a hole. There are all good people everywhere so I really wouldn't judge anyone based on their class.


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  • That would be "What is India"

    • For your kind information, I'm not specifically referring to India. There a lot of countries which match the description I have given, and India just happens to be one among them.

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  • Ladies - would you date/marry this type of guy?

    Date possibly depending on his looks as I find what guys think is above average for a guy vastly differs from what I consider above average as it seems guys have very low standards for male attractiveness.

    Marry uh no just no as I find marriage has no advantage for a heterosexual gal.

    • looks are the only thing you consider in a guy while dating. That means you'll date a hot guy even if he happens to be an alcoholic, drug addict, rapist or murderer. Am I right?

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    • Alright, even if you replace 'tendency' with 'opportunity', it still means they are more likely to cheat than average looking people, right? Good looking people have more opportunity, so they're more likely to utilize that opportunity, rather than choosing to not utilize it. But for average-looking people, the opportunity itself is less, hence the probability of them utilizing it is also significantly lesser.

    • No if you replace 'tendency' with 'opportunity' it still doesn't mean they are more likely to cheat than average looking people...o.O...having the opportunity to do something doesn't mean having the tendency to do it.

      Different experiences as in my experiences it's often the opposite those that have the opportunities tend to disregard it as they take it for granted while those who rarely have the opportunities tend to take it.

  • It depends on you, you don't need to like someone based on his country or whatever, if you feel him just go for it.


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