More than Friends? Bro/s and Sis/s please help. Thanks

During my graduation, I managed to exchange contact with my crush. We started texting each other on daily basis. The topics were about our future, daily worries and woes and et cetera. As we get closer, we started to text flirty messages; Emoticons, addressing each other as dears, texting from morning till sleep time. Once, she shared that she’s ready for a new relationship but added on mentioning we should stay as friends and nothing more. I was disappointed when she told me that she treated me as a friend. From then on, I changed the style I texted her; emphasizing heavily on “friend zone”.

Soon after, she surfaced that I signalled her mixed feelings and she is confused about my action. I apologized to her and invited her out for a “mini-post graduate dinner” and she accepted. That night, she turned up promptly and for the first time we hang out together.

We chatted about our collage life, shared our problems and more. After the dinner, we went shopping together. I noticed that she would always giggle, touches her hair whenever I stare at her while she’s talking, walking closely to me and proactively brought up conversation topics. I drove her home and gave her a surprise present when she alighted. Subsequently, I texted her that I appreciate her presence and would like to invite her out this week, she acknowledged. Later in the conversation, she enquired about my opinion of her during the outing and shared that the event was as though a class reunion. After the meet-up, we still communicate with each other via texting. I noticed that she started sharing personal staff about herself.

Online friends, please kindly advice on this matter.

Is she interested to bring our friendship to the next level? Please advise and thanks.


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  • In all honesty, it seems like she might be interested, but I'm confused as to why she keeps trying to keep you in the friend zone?

    If I were you, I would just ride it out and let her take the lead if she is interested in further pursuing a relationship with you. Maybe she has some stuff going on that she has to fix or tell you before she makes the move.

    Just remember, a good relationships involved being lovers AND friends. If you can make a girl feel special, make her laugh, and be her friend, you are on the path to her heart. <3


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