Is she into me ? So confused

i finally hear from after last Fridays date . Texts me Hey , hope you are having a good week. I replied thanks how are you? I told her if you are interested in meeting up let me know. Tells me most def- I will let you know. So Its like I am not being desperate. Is she really into me texting me 1st for one? After 7 dates maybe she is finally starting to come around? Feelings for me? After all its been 2 months of dating.


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  • yes it sounds like she likes you. why not ask her out to go and do something? she'd probably like that. the more time you spend together is the only way you're going to get a feel for how she (and you) feel about each other.

    • I have gone out 7 dates with her. I fell like sometimes she is too busy but surprised me by texting me today. I told her let me know when she is free. I mean I think that's a good idea to leave it at that . I am hinting though she may be getting really into me.

    • well I would think of a real fun activity to do together and then invite her to come out. you sound so sweet as to how you like this girl and I think you both are a little unsure what to do next. take care and I hope everything works out for you.

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