Girls: Does she want a second date?

I took a girl I like out for lunch this past Tuesday, and it went surprisingly well if I do say so myself. We had lunch, she liked the place, and after we finished she wanted to "extend" the date a bit by walking around for a while (we met up before she had to go to work, and we had time to kill). As the date came to a close, she started talking about places that she wanted to go/things she wanted to do, to me it seemed like she was hinting that she wanted me to take her. She also sent a text about an hour after we said goodbye (no kiss sadly) thanking me for lunch.

I definitely want to take her out again, and I'm now 80% sure that she likes me too. I'm still new to the whole dating scene though, just need a bit of reassurance is all.


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  • I believe she likes you. Talking about places she wants to go is a sign for you two to have a chance to connect to each other. she seemed like she enjoyed your company so she wants more of that . You should take advantage of it if you like her too.


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