I need some advice.... What do you think about two people with two different beliefs dating?

I started talking to this guy that I believe has every quality I ask for in a guy. I Haven't talked to him to confirm what his belief or religion is. I believe that religion plays a big part when you are deciding whether or not you want to date anyone. I plan on bringing it up on the next call we have. I am Christian Baptist. I told him that I like the fact that he is religious because I saw a pic of the holy bible on his desk on instagram (social web). I told him my religion but he hasn't told me his. I thought he might be the same but then I think he may have sent me a hint when he text "InshaAlla" at the end of a text one day. I think maybe because I told him I am Christian Baptist he felt like he had to send me a hint? I think the language he text is Muslim? Am I right? If so I am a little nervous about finding out. I really like this guy and if we don't have the same beliefs that could be a problem.


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  • Sounds like he maybe Muslim but ask anyways. Honestly I don't think religion should play a big role but that's my opinion. I have an aunt and uncle, she is Unitarian and he is an athiest; Their married, happy, and have 3 kids.

    • Yea but I'm church going and the way I was raised the family go to church together.

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    • He could be reading thos meterials for many reasons. Educational, exploring his religious feelings, his faith may want him to be knowledgeable. I took world religions in a catholic High School, religion encourages thinking to an extent. I would say in a private setting ask him kindly what he believes in make sure he knows your willing to share too.

    • Ok yea. It is nerve wrecking because each day that has past I keep thinking about him. He has been calling me regularly. If not every day...often.

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