Should I message her or would it give off a bad impression?

I've been texting this girl for a few days and asked her to meet up (didn't mention it was a date, just grabbing drinks) in the near future and she said yes.

Since she's so busy, we haven't been able to establish a time and date yet.

I found out that she won't be able to chat much this weekend due to studies and other commitments so I was wondering if I should text her saying 'hope you have a good weekend', etc.

My concern is that this may be a dead giveaway that I like her, I come off as too desperate, etc. I do like her but I don't want to start off with her thinking that I am since I just want to get to know her first to make sure there's a connection (we have met in the past a few times).

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I think you're really asking if you should talk to her or play hard to get, is that a correct assessment?

    • No. I don't play hard to get or games for that matter. I just didn't want to appear clingy or desperate sending her a message and scare her off/ruin my chances.

      Anyway, this question is redundant. I left for the day and left my phone at home.

      Since I'm OCD and have to select a best answer for every question, here ya go.

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