Is it bad that he never texts me first?

This guy and I have been texting for about 3 weeks now and I'm always the one to text first. We usually talk a lot when I text him though.


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  • Yes it's bad. Stop texting him. Wait and see what happens.

    A guy likes to feel that some things are his idea, but if you're impatient and start texting him he (1) comes to expect that you'll be texting at any moment so he doesn't make the effort; (2) he knows he'll get rewarded for ignoring you because you'll pay more attention to him.

    Best to drag your feet on the next few texts. Forget your phone at home and go out with your friends. Remember a time when he didn't exist and you were just fine? Be in that place. Don't let him in if he's not reciprocating.


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  • Maybe he's shy or simply unsure of whether you like him or not. Some guys need to build up enough confidence to text a girl first. If he carries on the conversation (writes you more the three words responses) it's a good sign ,it is something.

    Between my crush and I, I was always the one texting first until pretty recently. He might just need a little encouragement but that doesn't mean he's not thrilled to talk to you. You did mention that it started about three weeks ago, the winds will surely turn.

    PS: Don't ever feel ashamed or discourage to text or make the first move on a guy. Years from now you'll only be relieved to have done it no matter the result :)

    • Thanks very reassuring answer :)

  • Yeah. Not good.

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