Is dating a girl who's an Actor Supposed To Involve So much Drama (No pun intended)?

Ok not a troll question as the title might suggest. I'm dating an actor, I don't even watch TV so I barely have seen programmes or aware of the ones she acts in. It feels like my relationship with her always ends up involving uneccessary drama with everything.

I won't be able to text her or phone her for a day, or if I only text her once in the day, she will go off on a tangent and spam my messages with huge essays about how I'm selfish etc for not responding and without me even saying anything ends up turning into a fight that I need to appologize for every time. It is irritating as sh*t, I've told her but she continues and will make a scene about it and will straggle on the situation for long periods.

Does acting influence people to act certain ways like this?


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  • Im an actor and I don't text. I find it unnecessary insufficient form of communication and a huge waste of time. I would never get into a fight with someone because they didn't contact me, that's retarded. If a person breaks an agreement the wither A. have a reason, or B. don't care. if its A I hear them out and deal with it rationally. if its B then the are wasting my time. there's nothing to argue about.

    I've met people like her who were not actors or Women... I don't think her attitude has anything to do with the fact she's an actor. You also don't have to be in a relationship with her just because you're physically attracted to her.. doesn't sound like you're very compatible.

    Why don't you set some boundaries so she can't yell at you for having a life. And you can't get mad at her for assuming you don't mind. Don't agree to things you know you'll be uncomfortable with, and stuck to the agreements you make.


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