I hope its not a heart faking. . .

So there was this guy who started talking to me on fb like its been months and after a week of texting. He told me if we can hang out and stuff so we met at this park and we started making out and then he drops the can we be " friends with Benefits " and I'm a straight forward person so I was like " Heck no" I'm good I don't wanna sleep with him anytime that he feels like it and I started telling him that I want my first time to be so special blah blah.. call me old fashion. So OMFG he's like wanna be my " Girlfriend/ Princess" So of course I said nooooo! And he sure did seem butt hurt cause I told him to walk me home and he didn't want to so I'm like OK cool whatever..

Then all the sudden he text's me to hang out with him again and I told him no cause I am into this other guy and I don't wanna ruin anything after that he replies to me saying " I wanted you wtf... Like I'm so confused and I don't wanna play games. Like part of me wants to message him but if its just to hook up then f*** that ...

so does this guy like me or only wants to sleep with me?


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  • The guy's an ass. He's already should you that he only wants sex. You should move on.

  • No way. No compatibility of expectations.


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