Is that normal that I want to commit to a relationship after 2 months of exclusive dating?

If I'd have to date longer than this without being girlfriend and boyfriend, I'd feel being used for sex. Someone told me that it is too soon. never had to date longer than a few occasions(4 weeks, then sex etc), after a few dates the relationship was estabilished. I it is not the case this time, the guy I'm seeing doesn't consider it as a relationship yet. This makes me feel extremely insecure and uncomfortable as this has never happened to me, shall I jsut stop seeing the guy?


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  • Yes. Stop seeing him, you deserve someone who can give you a definitive standing in the relationship. I usually go on one or two then make a decision - there really isn't a reason for him to take any longer then that to decide if he wants to give it a shot with you. I say move on if you can.


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  • if it makes you uncomfortable you should talk to him about it. communication is key

  • So you're having sex but he's still seeing other people?

    • no, we have sex regularly and we are exclusive ( he initiated it to be exclusive) but refused to be in a relationship after 2 months stating that it is too soon.

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    • QA I'm curious too.

      What does 'relationship' mean.

      ok you see exclusive and relationship differently. but what do each mean to you.

      pretend I have no idea what a relationship or being exclusive is. then explain it.

      boobman. perhaps in her culture 'exclusive' means exclusive sex. like if you had a friends with benefits and were having sex, but with the knowledge once you get tired of sex ull move on.. I don't know that's pretty much most relationships anyways. or many ;)

    • Hey toulouse! Long time no chat! I guess it doesn't help that there is not chat anymore. Do you think FWB usually involves exclusive sex? I always thought it was more of a "we're having sex but can still see other people" thing. Having said that, I've never had a FWB relationship, so I guess I can't say for sure.

      And QA, you say "exclusive just means exclusive." So what does relationship mean beyond that?

  • Seems normal to me, ask him what's the longest it's taken him. Might be a commitment-phoebe. But yeah 2 months seems like a bit for him to be slaming ass all over town and still let you believe their might be a chance.


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  • tell him you don't feel comfortable continue having sex with him. you are looking for a serious long term partner/boyfriend and to eventually get married. this is what you want.

    once sex comes into the picture, things get complicated.

    ask yourself what you want.

    if he wants you he will agree to be your b/f...if not, better now then more hurt later on.

    so you can go out and look for someone who will give you what you want.


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