If he kissed me on our last date, can I expect him to kiss me when we see each other again?

I was out on a second date a few days ago and at the end of the date he walked to my car and kissed me good night. It was our first kiss.

We are going out again this weekend and planning to spend most of the day together. Can I expect that he will kiss me Hello? Should I kiss him? Can I expect that he will welcome more physical contact, like touches, holding hands hugs and even kisses throughout the day?


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  • He might do all that, especially if you hint that you want him to or if you two are having a really good time. But don't be disappointed if he waits until the end of the date to try and kiss you again. If he does, it doesn't mean anything bad. Just try and enjoy the date.

    • Thanks! That helps a lot because I probably would have been worried the entire time if he didn't kiss me when we first saw each other again.

    • You're welcome! I'm glad that I helped you :)

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  • what are your plans ? you said you're spending most of the day together? because I'm expecting to go on another date this week, and wondering what people do?

    • We watched football in the morning at a sports bar, and then we went to a football game in the afternoon/evening. You could plan a date at an event going on in your city, or go to a museum that has a car or plane or some technology exhibit that you would both be interested in.

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