Is this creepy? Should I?

So I got a text from a (now former) coworker the other night asking if I wanted to hang out. He got my number from the company directory and basically sent the text right after his last day of work (he had put in his notice). I've always exchanged office pleasantries with him, and he's nice. I'm unsure what to do.

Is it creepy that he got my number and texted me on his last day of work? Would you accept his offer?


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  • It is not creepy at all. The act alone does not make it creepy. If he is a creepy person in general that would be creepy, but if got up the nerve to do that and he always seemed like a nice guy I would accept his offer. It was most likely the best way he knew of staying in touch and asking you out and it takes a guy a lot of courage and guts to do that not knowing if he would be label weird, so again if he seems like a nice guy I would. Especially here, people are always in his position and asking "if I do this would he/she think I am weird?" but peoples heart are usually in the right place and not coming from creepiness.


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  • No because it was his only way of contacting you.


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