Why hasn't she texted me back?

Realize she might be busy or whatever but it's been at least 8 hours. I don't know if she works today or not so I wouldn't know if she's busy working. it was a perfectly reply-able text (in my opinion) and I have reason to believe she's in to me. if she's playing hard to get, is it worth chasing her? what other reason could it be that she's not replying?

ive no problem calling, and I've called her before, its just that I prefer texting, and she knows that


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  • She really might not have seen it yet, especially if she might be at work. I would give her til tomorrow. If she still hasn't replied, send her one more text (a jokey one teasing her about not replying). If you still get nothing, move on. She might have just been flirting with you because she likes to flirt, not because she's into you.


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  • playing hard to get, text her more..or call...it's an indicator you need to call, she'll like it better than text. trust me.

  • so she has to text you all the time?

    maybe she doesn't look at her phone much

    • Isn't that kind of what women want...to be texted all the time. I see tons of questions like "why isn't he texting me" all the time from girls

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    • so what you're saying is, that it really just depends on the girl...there's no "rule" about texting?

    • yah there is NO rule. some people don't like to text that much if you bug her too much it's like you are an annoying little brother.

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  • In all honesty, she's probably ignoring you. From my experience, if a girl really wants to talk to you, she is going to go out of her way to talk to you. 8 hours is a very long time for a text. Send another text asking if she got it, if she says yes, don't text back and move on. Life is too short to worry about one person.

    This experience reminds me of my high school days. Its nothing to worry about. As time goes by, hundreds of other opportunities will open up. Trust me. Currently dating a girl I have been with since high school, which is about 2 1/2 years, and I have passed up at least 30+ opportunities in that time frame.

  • It might take 3 days or more. Bottom line is, forget about it.

    Do it for your emotional sake.

    Meme: If this is all you think about for every second of every minute you're gonna have a bad time.