How long do you take to arrange a second date after the first?

The guy I'm seeing left our first date saying we should do it again, then kissed me on the cheek (in a friendly way). This was this Friday, its Sunday now and no arrangements of another date :(. How long do I leave it before moving on?

And you do normally do this to a girl you've dated? Say you want to see her again when you have no intention of doing so?


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  • Usually I'd set up a date a day or so later, so I don't find it too strange that he is doing this.

    For your second question no I've never told a girl I want to see her again and not go see her.

    • ? We went out on Friday and now its Sunday? That's technically two days later, you don't find it weird that he hasn't said anything?

      How long should I wait?

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    • I don't know what he's playing tbh and I think its best to move on.

    • Well I guess your right though I'd pray about it what if this could be the beginning to your happily ever after?

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  • some guys might say that and not mean it but usually the ones who didn't want a second date didn't mention anything about seeing each other again. however one guy did say we should continue this and then never followed up. if he doesn't get back to you in another day or two that isn't too great.

    • I agree, it sucks! Really thought he liked me :(

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