What type of women should I date?

Okay, here is the deal:

I am in my mid 30's no children, My job is male dominated (meaning that to find a woman in my line of work is less than 10%). I travel alot, only spending weekends at home (I can be in Kentucky one day, and the next day I would be in Wisconsin, and even Pennsylvania. But I am always home from Friday night/Saturday Morning). I am interested in having my own children someday, but not interested in other men's children. Extremely active; on my days off, I do things like work out (have my own gym in my basement), and if I plan for it, sky diving, and other physically active things. I haven't dated in a while, and most of the time, I run into single women, that either are uninteresting (too much baggage mom of 3 kids...) or conflicts with my lifestyle (such as couch potatoes). A few friends have tried to set me up on blind dates with their wive's friends and whatnot, but I really don't care much for the type of women their wives are, let alone their wive's friends.

So, what do you think? I am mid 30's, no children (not interested in single moms at all), and always on the go... What type of women should I be going for?


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  • Reading one of your comments below have you considered that maybe you're being too specific?

    Even if you try it would be difficult to find a woman meeting all of the requirements on your check list.

    Find some who are not single mothers and go in a little more open minded and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised :)

    • Not really, I tried that, and I ended the date before it should have ended. Usually, if I find one thing that is a deal breaker, I am done. Hate to say, but I know what I don't want, more so than what I do...

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    • Are you familiar with Jungian personality types? Basically, there are only 16 basic personalities. I was determined to figure out what it was, that is leading me to my situation, and how I handle it. In conclusion, I found out that my personality type is INTJ. Long story short, I have extremely high expectations, and my Achilles Heel is the relationship thing. Moreover, my brand of thinking is on par with logic and reasoning, avoiding emotional output.

    • Fundamentally, my type seeks practical things; dismissing anything that is not ideal nor practical. I don't see online dating as practical. I see it as a hinderance, more so than a help. To me, it just don't work. Thanks, but I rather leave it alone. For starters, I don't openly express emotions, I am not the most photogenic person (I never take good pictures...). And the shallow nature of most women would see my picture, and not give me the time of day. I am bland at profile writing.

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  • How about me? : )

    1. Pretty & petite

    2. 25 years old

    3. No kids

    4. B.A & going for Master's

    5. Good job with some travel

    6. Adventurous

    7. Sophisticated

    8. Fun

    9. Great cook

    10. Horrible dancer .. -_- lol

    • Hah, I suck at dancing too... But, II told myself, no one younger than 5 years my age. I get weird about age. Too old, I think of her as "trying to replace my mom".. Too young, I start to think of what I was doing at your age, and then backtracking, and quickly realize that II am a pervert for even going that route. For example... You were 15, when I was your age... and suddenly, I am not interested...

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    • Granted, I did have my reservations... However, she was rare, in the fact that she was into the same things I am into... I am an oddball, I like nerdy things, but, I also like "macho" things. I can be comfortable either with a computer in my hands, and being a total nerd...or grab my rifle and my fishing gear, and spend 2 weeks in the woods, fighting bears over a salmon I just caught. LOL. She was the same. I met her at a GameStop...

    • Either way, I see it as, most parents would not appreciate some dude 10+ years older than their daughter, dating her. Likewise, I see it as me "taking advantage" of someone, as well. No offence intended toward you, in the very least. If I were younger, or II didn't have my own reservations, maybe... Maybe I could go for someone like you.

  • Well, do you have a specific type of woman you like? I know you wrote you don't want single moms & the women on the blind dates you didn't care for too much, so that's why I ask do you have a specific type. I normally don't perfer online dating but have you tried that?

    • Online dating is full of self righteous bimbos and shallow women. I rather dive into a volcano. I have a "specific type", that is so specific, that nearly 98% of women would be dismissed. However, I am trying to come to a consensus, that would perhaps raise the probability even higher.

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    • I see your point about the online dating. I'm all for having some high standards but if you have Too High of standards, how is any woman suppost to be eligible to date you and your considering on making it higher?. If you make it Too high, then there will be no woman able to live up to that and maybe this is why your having a hard time finiding someone. Not saying this to be mean but this could be a reason to why your having trouble.

    • In a sense I agree. However, I know what I can and can not tolerate. For example:

      I don't like fat women... even if she is a little chubby. I had bad experiences with that, when I was a teenager. I have no interest in them whatsoever.

      I don't like single moms, because I had bad experience with that too. namely the two times I tried it. One let the child get away with murder, and the other was having sex with the child's father still.

      there is a list... I have a lot of deal breakers.

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