I didn't want him until he didn't want me. What do I do?

I'm probably gonna sound really immature here. And I'm sorry about that.

Alright. So I was dating this guy for a while. I wasn't too into him, but he gave me something to do. We texted all the time, but in person I guess you could tell I wasn't too interested in him. He said once "you seem like you like me over text but not in person. " I don't know, we just didn't click or something. But he wanted something with me, so I messed things up with him.

And now the situation is flipped. He doesn't show interest in talking or seeing me. Which you know, I don't blame him at all. But now I'm wanting what I can't have. I can't seem to stop thinking about him. Hoping when I get a text that it's from him. Even when I'm talking to a new, more attractive and more my type, guy. I rather talk to him.

I might have finally realized that I screwed over a nice guy and realized what I had. But now it's gone.

I just wanna know how I can just stop wanting what I can't have so I can move on.


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  • brilliant. I could tell you how myelin works but it'd bore you to death! I'm guessing here but you seem nice if you wanna talk message me I'd be up to talk :)

  • yeah me too. we suck


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