So confused.... What do I do?!

So this girl and I have been seeing each other for quite awhile. Nothing serious. Beginning of the month I told her how I felt and how I wanted to go out with her. She said she needed to think about it. Last week we went out and had a great time. That night she told me she wanted to be my girlfriend, but needed to finish choreographing some dances before things became official. (She didn't want her bosses getting mad at her by getting a boyfriend before she had finished her work.)

Well the next day she post a picture of us on Instragram (saying we were a cute couple). The beginning of this week we called each other every night and had great conversations. Turns out she was weirded out by the fact I was such a nice guy compared to the jerks she dated in her past. She told me a lot of things that had happened in her past that she wouldn't tell just anyone. After one of our calls, she texts me saying how happy she felt and that I was her "best friend."

I've been on an absolute high. This weekend she had a dance convention so we haven't talked a lot. And then today we talked, but our conversation has been totally different. No "I love you" or "I miss you" or "you're amazing" messages just the normal stuff like when we occasionally saw each other. Then about an hour ago, my buddy starts talking about a girl he met on a dating site and how he has a date with her this Friday. He shows me a pic, and turns out it's her. She says she was single and hasn't dated a guy in months.

So I don't know what to do. do I confront her about this? I honestly felt like things were going great. Especially when she confided her past in me and told me I was her best friend...


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  • Yes if she's calling you guys a couple then flirting with other people on line you probbably should confront her

    • how should I do it? I mean I really like this girl, and I'm willing to look past it. I'm quite pissed about it, but I don't want to burn down the bridge between us

    • That's tricky... well you know her better than I do but I'd say like hey are we in a elation ship or not get that cleared up.then if she says yes I'd ask her why she was on the Internet flirting with other guys and hope she gives you a reasonable answer, if not...see ya

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