Strange situation. Why doesn't he want to deal

So this guy I ve been talking to for 9 months, nothing happened, blah blah blah...pretty much pointless is how I feel about it. There is no use in us continuing this whatever it is (nothing) if nothing and I mean not even a friendship is forming. I like talking to him and don't want it to stop, yes maybe even have feelings for him but I can't see nothing coming out of it. Its just the way it is. SO my thought is the sooner I end this the sooner I can deal and move I tried to talk to him before about it but he just tries to irritate me with his response. Then a week later messages me and we talk about it just being a fight. So this time around it happened during the day and I was laughing about how hard this was and he just laugh so I joked around with him about how its not funny hoping it would lead into more conversation. I know he texts during the day even if he s at work but then I got I m busy at work. I do understand that and felt bad, Haven't apologized yet about that and have and t talked to him since.


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  • "The sooner I end this the sooner I can deal and move on."

    Agree. And you'll both be better off for it.


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  • So... what's the question? You've been talking with this guy for a while and you don't want to keep talking to him (you don't want him not even as a friend). So... what is your question?

    • Sorry I should have made this question more generalized and not use a example that is personal and confusing. I m just trying to get a better understanding of guys I guess. So why do they not want to talk about stuff like what I was getting to about how its getting hard (the situation) and pointless

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