Taking my date out to the movie theater, do you guys do anything after movies or just drop her off?

what's the routine on the first few dates? should the guy or the girl suggest to do something after the original date?


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  • funny, just answered a question almost just like this but from a girl.

    hmm... I'd ASK, rather than suggest, as it seems more "gentlemanly" I suppose. But that's just me. I.e. rather than say "let's go to your/my place" I'd say "do you want to go to my place to hang out?" Or could be like "do you want to get some dessert or something", go somewhere else to keep the night going.

    • which do girls prefer at first "her place" or "my place"? which is the normal?

    • Well...I've never asked to go to a girl's place. always mine. My dad taught me at a young age - if a girl is willing to go into your place, she's willing to have sex.

      ...granted, that's not always true, but still pretty good advice lol.

    • but don't ask me, ask girls which they prefer! Plus I think logistics matter, who's house is closer, where her car is, etc.

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  • Dont ask her what she would like to do, instead suggest to do something. Ask her if she would like go eat grab some ice cream.

    • what I said! =D

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    • then I'll ask you the same question I asked cheesesteak7 down there: If I want to spend time with her at my place or hers which would you prefer that I suggest as a girl...which do girls prefer at first "her place" or "my place"? which is the normal?

    • his place! unless she says her place. but don't do it in a creepy way, that its obvious you want to have sex.

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