Have we moved from going on dates to actually dating?

I've been out with a guy 3 times and we talked about doing dinner again this week before he goes to Europe for 2 weeks vacation. The last time we hung out we spent 9 hours together watching Pro football in the morning and then going to a college game in the afternoon. During the football game out at the bar, it felt very buddy/buddy. We couldn't do much get-to-know you talking, more light conversation because the game kept distracting us. When we went to the game that afternoon, it also felt very much like good friends comfortable with each other. If I grabbed his arm, he would tighten his grip, but he didn't really initiate much physical contact. He responded to the little physical contact I initiated, but he didn't put his arm around me, or touch me on his own. At the end of the game, he came up to my apartment for an hour or so and we had pizza, and just talked a little bit before he had to get going. When he left he hugged and kissed me a few times (initiated by him) and then said he'll text me in the next day or two. We also talked about doing activities in the future together.

So now I'm not sure if we are dating. The kiss and the end of the date felt like we were, but the rest of the time felt more like friends. He also isn't necessarily the one to suggest doing things, but he is always game to do whatever I come up with. He is also very interested in what I'm doing if I'm busy one night, or wants to know what I'm doing over the weekend that he is gone.

Are we friends, or are we dating? Why might he not initiate physical contact, but still kiss me at the end of the date and certainly not reject the physical contact when I initiate it (i.e. take his arm, put my head on his shoulder)?


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  • It sounds like you were dating, I mean why else would he want to kiss/hug you? Friends don't do that. Also I don't think guys like the same type of dates that girls like.

    • What kind of dates do guys like? Should I be concerned that he isn't very physically affectionate in other ways?

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