What if you saw a sexual SMS on the cell of a girl you just started dating that was sent before you met her?

Guys, if you went through the old phone of a girl you just started to date and you found sexting text messages between her and her ex (from long before you met her) that she just hadn’t deleted, what would you think?

I just started dating a guy about a month ago. His phone died this weekend, so I gave him my old iPhone to use and transfer his number to until he got a new phone. I think I deleted all of my old text messages and all of my email accounts, but I always second-guess myself. And it was only manually deleted so there is probably a way to retrieve them if you really wanted to.

I don’t have that many sexting messages, but what would you think of the girl if you happen to come across one of those messages?


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  • Depends on the guy. He might get jealous if he's the type, but I think most guys will understand that you were an adult with adult relationships before you were with them. I wouldn't worry about it.


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