Do I get any chance with this girl?

I'm a nice, but rather introverted 17 years old boy. I have never had a relationship before, I only ask a girl out once, we dated, but it didn't work out well. Anyway, I kinda like this girl on my work, who I only know for 3 weeks or so. We talk a lot, we sometimes touch, but we don't really tease each other. We look at each other quite a lot, but that might not mean anything at all. So I'm kinda shy and introverted, but a nice guy, I like talking to people when I'm feeling comfortable, so I talk to her quite a lot. But I'm not really into partying, while she is, would that all make her think I'm boring? Would she even date someone like me? I mean, a lot of her friends are like the opposite of me.

What can I do to let her know I like her and make her a bit more attracted to me? I'm really willing to let her know I like her, even though it is hard for me and I have little dating experience. Can I get some advice? Thanks a lot!


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  • yeah why not

    girls fall for guys easily. if you pay special attention to her or talk to her a lot, it's very possible for her to start developing feelings toward you.

    maybe tease her - like give her a nickname or open your arms to hug her, if she hugs you back that's a good sign

  • does yur name start wiht a J?


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