How to invite new girlfriend over for the first time?

So I'm a rather inexperienced guy when it comes to dating and also a virgin.

I have been seeing this girl for a while (2-3 months, but not that frequently, generally just once a week due to both our schedules).

Things are going well, but we haven't done anything physical yet (and she's not the wait till marriage type, she has had boyfriends and sex before) as all the dates we've had have been 'out'.

I've been hinting at some 'home' dates (only my place is feasible, she is still living at home with her family) so that option is definitely on the table but there's nothing set in stone yet. (For those of you who didn't get it, a home date would be an obvious prelude to more serious fooling around)

Now leaving that option aside, if it were a normal out date, what would be a good way of inviting her over to my place afterwards? How could I hint at it without being too sleazy?


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  • ask her to come over and watch a movie

    • I guess that's the classic option, though could be a bit hard to justify if its already quite late. Can still give it a shot.

  • well, usually me and my boyfriend made out until we are both really horny and one of us would suggest going back to our place. Or he did mention wanting to introduce me to his housemates. That wasn't his ploy in getting me into bed because we are already doing it.


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