Guys... please help me understand your ways?

I have been talking to this guy for about 3 months... I was out of state when we first began talking then went elsewhere with a time difference and we talked a little but then stopped. Then we started up again once I came back onto the grids, and we got really close. He lives about a couple hours away and some of the things we would talk about (well text) were things that I would say if in a relationship, and he said so himself he wouldn't say the things if he was going to be friends forever. The thing is, I haven't been able to see him (we only met once briefly) since I've been back, and now he will be leaving for a month. The only thing is, we never talk on the phone or anything. I got drunk called before but I didn't answer, although one week he made sure to text me every day and if we had good deep conversations til the wee hours of the morning, he would text me after I fell asleep promising to text me the next day. The only thing is, other than texting me to see what was up one weekend, he hasn't been texting a lot. I mean I understand there isn't much to say but if he likes he that much, shouldn't he try to talk to me more often? I just feel like I'm bothering him when I do, although I have texted first before. I said something about him forgetting about me while he was gone but he told me not to act like that and he wasn't that kind of guy and that "you'll see" when I said I hoped he wasn't like all guys. But I would think if he says a lot of the things he says, talking about goodnight kisses and cuddling or whatnot he must like me, but why the lack of effort to keep communicating with me? Does he just think I'll be there when he's available? Surely its not difficult to keep a girl happy especially when she's going through some tough times.

Guys what do you think? Is he even serious or do I just think he is and he has other girls and possibilities on the side? What's your opinion?


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  • I mean, you guys don't see each other..why invest emotionally into the relationship? Any scenario you propose is possible. I don't know this guy.

    • We don't because of his job and me being a full time student and working full time... I asked him why he even bothered with someone like me, and he said he could see it working and that was why.

    • But the reality is you aren't near each other and have no solid plan to get together. You don't think he communicates enough already

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