Online dating texting questions.

So, this guy and I were messaging each other via dating site. We set up a day to meet and he gave me his phone number.

We were texting the day we were supposed to meet when he remembered he had rehearsal practice. He said he wanted to change to a different day and apologized. I was kind of miffed about it, but texted him that I was available Thursday evening. He said he would get back to me about that and we continued to text. for the last couple days (equal initiation).

He asked what I was up to this evening and I mentioned I was going to go grocery shopping and go for a run. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to relax and such.

I texted that it sounded like a good evening and he has not gotten back to me since.

I just don't know if I should make the next move or not. :S I don't want him to think I am playing games, but on the otherhand I don't want to seem like I am available all the time. Part of me is saying he is waiting around for someone else.

Some help please?

I don't want it to seem like I am chasing him.


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  • When was the last conversation? The date is this Thursday? I think just wait for him to contact you.

    • Last conversation was yesterday at 4:41pm (text by me), it is the morning now.

      It is supposed to be, he has to check if he has to work and hasn't gotten back to me about it.

    • I think you're over worrying. I've been married 14 years, and haven't texted my wife today.

    • Thank-you for your help. I will continue on with my day. :) Hope you have a great one.

  • youre making it into a big deal when it isnt.. you don't even know him so relax a little. He's not gonna sit there and judge you if you invite him and you want to hang out.


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