Could this be my problem, why she's not answering?

I've only sent two or three texts to her that wasn't before 12 am; All the texts and calls I've made to her, were after 12 am. Girls tend to assume this means, he wants a booty call (sex). This wasn't my intention at all. I mean yeah, of course, I do want sex but the only reason I do this, is because I'm generally up at this time, forgetting that she might be sleeping. She works at a bar, and doesn't get home until 2:30 am on nights she works but there's no clear set of days that she works. Could this be why she hasn't been replying? (and yes, she didn't reply to the ones I sent before 12 am). before you say she's not interested, she def. is, I can tell you that for sure.

Ah, my bad, the first part of it should be "I've only ever sent two or three texts before 12 pm, not am.

So basically I've only ever sent a couple of texts in the late morning/early afternoon


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  • Maybe she just lost interst


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