Why is he changing now?

I've been dating this guy who really had a strong interest in me. It's not unusual but I really liked him too. He was very affectionate and vocal about his feelings. Now he's pulling back and I asked him about it and if he lost interest or met someone else I was hoping for closure. He replied he didn't understand what I was even talking about. I told him I thought he was communicating les and he said because he was out of the country and had no cell service and just got back the day before which he spent with his kids. So I said okay I feel better that's understandable. But he replied nothing else didn't call and I didn't get the usual morning greetings. So I plan to move on and not speak to him again unless he contacts me. I noticed he deleted his dating profile the day before all this happened. I'm really confused if he liked me and nothing changed wouldn't he just be normal. If he changed his mind about me wouldn't he have just responded sorry its not going to work out. I'm going out with someone else tonight I'm guessing I'm more single than ever and he could care less right?

I heard from him he said because I sent the text when he was not avoiding or ignoring me but tired and recovering from a flight that's what ruined things. He didn't say ruined he says it boils down to the text. So that's that never listen to guy friend who really want you to be their girl for advice they know exactly what to say to make a guy be done.


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  • I don't know. I think you should give it a little more time with him. you mentioned he was out of the country and also has children so its fair to say that it requires his time and attention. I wouldn't take it too personally and take his word for his word ok? it just sounds like he's got some things to take care of and is probably not trying to ignore you or hurt your feelings. take care and try not to worry too much.

    • I think you might be right it's a guy friend in my ear telling me he doesn't like me. Now I found out because guy friend likes me guys do this stuff to each other weird. I will update when I know for sure

    • Please do!

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  • i think bunny is right.. you shouldn't jump to conclusions so quick and be seeing other people unless you got some reason to. This other guy "friend" doesn't sound like much of a friend at all if he's filling your head with doubts


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  • I'm sorry but I think you're right.

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