Hard to tell if he likes me or he's girl-crazy?

I've been talking to this guy online, I've known him for a few years but we just recently really started talking alot. We text all the time, sometimes phone. He hasn't come out and said he likes me but it's really seemed that way to me. Goodmorning/goodnight texts, talking all day, indirect compliments, teasing, inside jokes, he's opened up to me about some deeper stuff as well. basically stuff you regularly see when two people like each other. The ONLY thing that makes me question it is that he talks about girls to me a good bit. He just started doing this more in the past week I've noticed. He doesn't really talk to any girls other than a few friends but he just talks about girls in general a lot to me like how he would flirt with them and stuff. It's all joking but I think its also true too, It's just kinda confusing to me is all, because I really think he likes me but then why would he say things like this to me? I'm thinking he's either trying to make me jealous or he's just girl crazy and he only talks to me because I'm a girl and I'm available, for lack of a better word.


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