Can introverts date extroverts?

I'm consider myself as an introvert (no, I'm not shy. I just prefer think and analyse rather than speak). When I'm with friends, of course I can go "crazy" and want to talk and talk and "expose myself".

The thing is that I have been dating an "extrovert" for a month. He's a YouTuber, so before I personally met him, I knew he likes to talk a lot, that he has a lot of conversation topics, etc. But lately, it seems that the roles have been changed. I'm the one who wants to talk (when we are hanging out in public and not making out and stuff) and he always give me short replies. I don't like to talk about myself, so I always ask him questions about his life/day/etc and he is like: "it was cool." "no, I don't have homework" like trying to kill the conversation.

This is annoying to me, but I'm not sure if it's normal because I'm a girl (and we like to talk a lot), especially because this is my first time dating someone (so I have no experience)

I wouldn't say that he is not interested, because when we are at school, he is the one who asks if I want to hang out, so...


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  • They can, but the reverse is true for me. I'm the introvert and I often find myself attracted to extraverted girls.

    As for your situation, it COULD be that you're a sense of calm in his life (sometimes, extraverts want their space and time to recharge too). People change as they get deeper into a relationship. I'd say just calmly and politely ask him about it. Ask him in person, though, while you're hanging out. Don't be accusatory. Just say "hey, I've noticed lately that when I ask you about your day lately, the response is shorter and more 'to the point' than before. Is everything okay?"


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  • It's been said that introverts understand extroverts, but the reverse is not true.

    If he's competitive, he's met his match in you and can't handle it.

    You might consider your options.


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