What did she mean by this? I have an idea, but I want to hear it anyway.

(On Facebook, I've been in contact with her for a couple months, met on an online dating site. She's really busy with 5 courses university, 4 music lessons and a symphony each week. And I'm in college as well.) I met her online, will meet her irl this week

Laura: I hope you understand that I can't really guarantee anything, but I'd love to meet you regardless of what we end up deciding.

Me: Do you mean about meeting for ice cream? (I had an idea what she meant but I decided to leave it as this)

Laura: I meant anything beyond that! Agh sorry. That came out wrong. I'd still love to meet :P

(We both like books, Doctor Who, and are both a little weird. I'm 20, she's 19. Have not Skyped or called yet just Facebook and email).

And I'm thinking that she is real with the over 500 friends and giant list of shares and friend updates. A fake wouldn't put it that out much effort (and over 500 pictures with dozens of her as well as travelling and with her friends some of which I've seen around my college.)

Her Facebook says "single" and her online dating site profile said "looking for a relationship" and "dating."

I assumed she wanted a relationship since her profile didn't say "wants to date but nothing serious" which is also an option on the site.


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  • When she puts it like that it sounds like she's setting it up to be a no pressure situation and she's not looking for a boyfriend. Go, have fun, expect nothing.


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  • I'm not thinking she means she's catfishing you.

    I think she means that she's not sure if she finds you attractive. She wants to give it a shot even though she's not really into the idea of being in a romantic relationship with you.