How do you not be the second girl?

I know this sounds crazy but I'm a rebellious person, I'm strong willed and very intelligent but appreciate simplicity. Yet somehow in all my eccentric personality I have become the second woman in every relationship I've tried, they want to sleep with me on the side and go for some other woman to date stating I'm not the dating type... guys what is this idiocy?


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  • My hippy friend has allot of trouble when it comes to dating.

    She's drop dead gorgeous with a very sharp mind but despite that many don't consider her dating material just because she's highly independent and strong willed. She can be a little intense sometimes and allot of people find her draining to be around on a consistent bases.

    Perhaps people just feel like you're too much to take on... just my two cents.


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  • Sopnds like you're not the arm candy the guys don't want to spend the money on you, but are attracted to you and hope you'll accept them screwing you while they chase after 'hotter' chicks.

    Why would you NOT dump all such guys immediately?

  • is not it true that foolishness


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