Am I worrying over nothing?

So, he and I have been talking daily for about three months. We Skype at least once a week, and I really like him. He says he really likes me too. He lives in another state, so actually dating isn't really an option right now. We tell each other just about everything, he likes to make little jokey references to our "future" wedding and kids, we call each other just about every cheesy romantic pet name, flirt like crazy, and always say "I love you" before bed.

Monday night, he and I Skyped for about two hours, and it was great. We just couldn't stop talking and teasing each other. Since then, though, we haven't talked much on Facebook, at least not nearly as much as usual. Brief conversations that end abruptly. Today he commented on my status, and we were pretty flirty for about twenty minutes via Facebook IM, but then he stopped replying about two hours ago. He saw my message, and he's been on and offline since, but no reply. He's done that a few times this week, and these last few days, it's felt like I'm always the one to initiate conversation.

I'm just being a worrier, right? It's not anything to be concerned about, is it? Also, he's online right now. I was thinking maybe I should message him and say something jokish about his lack of replies. Does that come off as clingy? I don't know, I suck at this dating stuff, lol...

Welp, now I feel stupid. I sent him a semi-jokey message about not replying to my message, then he reminded me that he's studying for midterms. He's always working hard, and I feel like a nuisance to him, though he swears he loves talking to me and that he doesn't mind. I really hope he means it.


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  • Maybe the distance is really starting to get to him. I mean sure the chemistry was great at first, but at the end of the day you two live in different states. I don't doubt that he still likes you, but flirting is just as far as you two will go unless you plan to meet.

    But I wouldn't label you a worrier or being clingy. Follow your heart, say how you feel.

    • I mean, he graduates college in spring, and then he's going to graduate school in a state closer to mine, so we have been talking about making it work.

    • I'm sure he means it, he sounds like a good guy and not lead you on.

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