Have you ever had the urge to kiss someone?

Have you ever had the urge to kiss someone randomly like there's no tomorrow?

And also...

I really like this guy he likes me (I'm 85% sure)

1)he said he loved me(he has never said it to his gf)

2) he is my date to homecoming and he is buying me a corsage and he bought my ticket

3) he invited me over before and after the dance to hang out.

How do I hint to him to that I want him to kiss me.


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  • You are definitely not alone on the random kissing urges, but that is just hormones. Why does he need to be the one to kiss you? You can take control! It may be a little awkward if it's your or his first kiss, but even then laugh it off and try again! Confidence is sexy, for both genders. Don't be afraid to kiss him.


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