Texting the man of my dreams, help?

I'm pretty much the one doing all the iniaiting. I gave him my number and I pretty much text first. Whatever I know some people think the guy should take the lead with things like that. Figured I go after what I want.

We've been texting for about a month now. Everything was great until this week he's acting all weird. Like he's not texting back hardly he'll text back for a while then just stop :/ I haven't said anything to upset him or anything so I know he's not mad.

So me thinking I'm talking to much I ask him? And he says no I'm fine. But I think I am I pretty much text him everyday...I just get excited cause I really like him and I love talking to him of course. But at the same time I'm not constantly texting him I send one wait for a reply before I text back and if he just stops talking I try back the next day.

Is this fixable if messed a future relationship up? I was thinking of just letting him be for a few days, and when I do contact him again just space out how I contact him. Maybe he is feeling smothered by my attention I'm giving him...

I just get nervous that if I don't text everyday he'll think I'm no longer interested...

^^^felt good to vent :/


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  • Honestly, the real issue is that guys generally hate texting. They might do it to GET a girl, but once they have her, most guys hate to communicate that way, especially about relationship stuff. Guys don't mind talking about that stuff, they just want to do it face-to-face. Texting is best left for short urgent messages "I'm on my way, be ready in 10 mins" or for non-critical stuff "party at John's house next Saturday, 8pm-2am."

    Texting is NOT for CONVERSATIONS, meaning "How was your day?" or "What is the meaning of life?" or "Did you hear what Suzie did with Jeff?" Conversations should be face-to-face, and if it's SO important that it can't wait, then by voice call.

    Having said all that, most guys are pretty terrible at initiating conversations/contact when not face-to-face. It just doesn't occur to guys to text a girl for random conversation, except maybe when he's horny. A guy will usually be doing something else, even if that something else is "nothing" or "thinking" or "figuring out a problem", but it will often be some other mundane thing, like cooking or mowing the lawn.

    So... guys kind of depend on girls to initiate conversations a lot, and if you don't, he might not get around to it for a couple of days. That doesn't mean he doesn't like you, or that he's not thinking about you, it means that he gets busy or gets distracted, and because he's a guy, he doesn't feel the need to talk about every little thing that happens in his day. If something important comes up, he'll call or text, but everything else will get saved up until he's F2F with you, which, again, is how guys PREFER to have conversations.


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  • You shouldn't just text each other. Ask him to hang out or something, see what things you two have in common. If all you two ever do is text, it might get boring after a while. You need to step it up and change things a little. :o Good luck!

    • That's what I'm thinking he's getting bored with the same ole crap!

  • HA HA HA !

    Funny isn't it, how women were saying it's not a big deal doing all the initiating, and the fear of rejection.


    • So not funny :/

      I think both sexes should go after what they want.

      Stop laughing :/

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    • Nps, and like the other guy said, try drawing closer, maybe ask him out, after a month of texting it wouldn't be any surprise or anything.

    • I just feel like I'm annoying the crap out of him. I I don't want to be the person he gets a text from and rolls his eyes :/ I want him to enjoy talking to me!

      If we start talking like we use to I have no problem with asking him to go on a date. Just right now I don't know what's going on with him :/

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  • usually if a guy likes you he will do the initiating or at least respond. chances are he's busy and probably not interested. I think you should move onto someone else who is going to text you as much as you text him and who's going to initiate conversations as much as you do.

    also texting everyday is a bad idea. you should just text him once in a while about something interesting. don't just be like "hey what's up?" everyday. that gets really boring. if something happens that reminds you of him or if something exciting happens then you can text him then. and if you go like a week without texting or something you can be like "hey how are you" or something. I think you're probably overdoing it. give him his space. and don't ask if you're talking to him too much, no one is going to say yes to that!

    • Goodluck then, most of the times we're just busy, men work you know...

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    • I was just being sarcastic about the age thing.

    • being sarcastic on here is such a good choice because it is so clear when you're being sarcastic. I haven't texted a guy I like everyday because I get "excited" since I was about 15 so 12 didn't seem all that far-fetched. how old are you and how old is he? I still think guys don't want to be texted every single day and they get annoyed. but I guess you could look at it 2 different ways- he's bored with you or bored with texting. do you ever talk to him in person?