How to act at school?

About a week ago this guy and I met up, we kissed and I stayed the night. I am really into him and I'm pretty damn sure it's mutual, but once again, it's only been going on for a week now. In a couple of days we'll have to attend college again (had a week off), but my obvious question is how I am supposed to act around him? When we did groceries together we kissed in the store, held hands etc. and whenever I see him I just want to touch him so badly (so does he). However, I also realize that by kissing him at uni openly things will be pretty official, right? I don't want to scare him off..

So what do you guys think?


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  • I think you should ask him. Indeed, if you openly kiss at school that makes things official, so you should discuss with him if you are ready for everybody to know you two are together.

    • Thanks :) but don't you think it might scare him away? Guys and relationships aren't the best combination (neither am I).

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    • Yea, you know what, you're right! Thanks again :)

    • No problem, I hope things go great with your guy, looks like one of those passionate relationships and those are great :-)

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