I have agreed to drop it for few weeks and he said he will give it some thought?

So after crying begging texting ringing shouting screaming threatening and basically being a total mentalist in a pursuit to get th dad if my son back I have offered him space to absorb what I am sayin he says he will give it some thought but right now the answer is still no! Thers another girl on the scene who he has taken out a couple of times and I'm going outta my mind as he agreed to that to just shut me up or will he really consider? Just wish he would realize what is at stake ! Heartbroken and confused jus wanna text and talk to him all th time x


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  • STOP! Just stop your being crazy. I know heartbreak hurts I know how much it sucks but you need to stop! If he doesn't want you, you can find someone that does. Having a child together doesn't mean you have to be together it just means you both have to be here for him. Plus the sooner you stop acting like a psycho ex girlfriend the sooner he may actually want you back if he ever does