Girl not texting, what to do?

We get along great in person but when it comes to texting, she will not initiate at all or her responses are just one-worded. SHe suggested we should hang out, I said yes and asked for her number and since then (2 dayst ago) we've been texting but she doesn't seem too much into it. I don't want to bring up hanging out again because she might have changed her mind and that's why she doesn't text much (we do talk a lot in person and she usually initiates) and now is uncomfortable, what should I do in this case? just let it go and never speak of it again?


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  • well there is soemthing called pick up that damn phone and dial her number...maybe she is a verbal person more than visual...dont text she likes to be real..very rare to find people like that since she is not so attached to technology!

    • I texted her and she said yes to hanging out, its just weird she doesn't talk too much, over text at least

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