Why do girls/women act weird around a guy sometimes?

I have worked with many girls and woman as bosses, they know that I have ever dated or asked a girl out and they know that I am shy and have social anxiety and stuff. once they signed me up for some online dating thing and after kept teasing me about, getting married and wanting me to invite them to my wedding and stuff like that. why do girls and women do that? or they will say you're so cute you cutie patutti, and dumb sh*t like that? I never actually spoke to any girls on that dating site or anything I'm just not really into meeting someone online I guess. I have never been on a date in real life either. why do girls get all tease and make fun of and weird like that, and treat you like some useless child?


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  • It's annoying and you should tell them you don't like it.


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