I have to know what to do. And not to help myself. Girls maybe you'll understand this.

The 26th I met a girl and we really got along well for some reason she trusts me (I swear she can trust me) and told me pretty much everything about her and what she has been trough. We talked for hours, she cried a few times I comforted her and in the end the talk seemed to have helped her. When I left she was rather happy and like hugged me a lot I actually felt like she wanted to kiss me but I didn't really believe that myself. Anyway after a lot of texting, in witch she has always been sweet and still is by the way, she now starts acting distant to me. She still responds to my texts but meeting up or calling with her won't happen. It might have to do with a guy hitting on her Tuesday (might be irrelevant though. Considering her troubled past she might find it difficult to deal with guys coming on strong. Witch might explain why she is/acts confused (witch started Tuesday I know she got home safely and alone she made sure I knew and wouldn't worry). I feel really protective about her (I know things no one else does) and she told me she wants me to. So what the f*** should I do now? What's going on?

Ps I can give more information in a pm if that's needed.

She's a young girl who has had a traumatic experience, I care about her yes, but I'm not thinking about dating her. My only interest is her well-being, she's a bit like a protégée.

Anyway we talked think I get it I think maybe I'll see her the coming week.


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  • Ya I think friend zone sums it up pretty well too!

  • I feel like your in the friend zone. She felt comfortable with you enough to tell you her business but it might have only been in a friendly way. The distance could be either because she feels awkward for telling you or the fact that she is pursuing a relationship or seeing someone.


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