Why would a girl sometimes text me first, but never respond when I do?

This girl I like initiates conversation with me through text once every few days, but tends to not respond at all if I text her first. Why do you think this is?


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  • It seems she only wants to text you when she's bored, if I were you I wouldn't be bothered anymore. Ignore her like she ignores you.


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  • It sounds she only wants to text when SHE wants to text. So she'll text you, but if she's not texting you, it means she isn't wanting to talk to you.

    Lame, if you ask me.

    • Yeah, that's basically what I thought. I'm just the one she goes to when she has nothing better to do... Not important, there are plenty of other girls.

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    • Well, I thought you were being sarcastic when you said thanks for selecting a BA because I hadn't.

    • Oh crap, haha! I thought you did, my screen's color is a little funky, it looked like you selected mine, haha!

      My bad XD

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  • my ex does this I just don't respond to her anymore

    • That's probably what I"ll end up doing, man. Shouldn't have to deal with that kind of foolishness.

    • yup, don't give her the satisfaction

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