Confused with this guy from online, am I thinking into it too much?

Ok I recently got out of a relationship and have just been chatting to guys online, didn't have any intention of meeting up with any of them at all, then I started to talk to this guy and he is so gorgeous and funny. We talked for ages and he would even say don't go to sleep I want to keep talking to you. And I'm wondering if I ended up making him realize he could just have me if he wanted, because I kept stupidly complimenting him. He ended up getting naked on cam hahah, but I didn't. He hadn't intended too and then he'd talk about how much he wanted to see me kind of thing. We would flirt a lot too and I'd talked about hooking up(I didn't exactly mean sleep with) and he said come on then, lets go, when are you free?I told him when I was free (most of the weekend) and I'm wondering if that was a bad idea, did I look too available. Either way before me telling him I want to hook up, his messages became a bit less and less and after me telling him I want too and when I'm free, he didn't reply but had read the message. I accidentally called him and apologized and he said hows your night, I said good how was yours and he said sh*t and I said that's no good. He hasn't read my message but has been online via Facebook and has also been online on the dating site. I know I'm probably nothing special to him but probably just another option but he literally would flirt and everything with me and seemed like he wanted to hook up but then what?I stupidly already feel interested in him too. I am not trying to sound racist at all but I think he is Muslim, are Muslim guys allowed to be with Muslim girls?

Feel like I mentioned hooking up and he still doesn't want me heh, me mentioning that is something I would never do either.


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  • Whoa ... how do I respond to this...

    Normally I would say, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, ... JUST GET IT ON ALREADY" but the fact you're both Islamic does make things very complicated all of a sudden.

    Maybe I should remain silent since I'm not well acquainted with Islamic customs and cultural norms regarding relationships.

    But other than that complication I see no reason for you two to kick things up a notch or two, I mean for crying out loud, he got naked on camera with you.

    • I'm not religious that's the thing, I was wondering if he is not allowed to be with a non Muslim. And well we would kick it up a notch but he didn't reply to my message saying when I'm free and asking when he is he doesn't exactly seem interested. If he brings it up I think I might say you don't seem interested so. I'm confused, hence why I asked this question lol

    • Oh wait you're not Muslim ?, your description says you are by the way, you forget to put "non" in there so it says you're a "Muslim girl".

      Anyways let's sweep that off the table.

      It would really depend, I think if you're going to be serious with this guy you (as well as him ofc) may face serious heckling from the family, and you will probably be pressured to convert to Islam, which is something I urgently advise you to refrain from, this is not such a good deal for you to be honest I'm sorry

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